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Hypnose Text – Verarbeitung von Trauer und Verlust

This hypnosis session is designed to provide you with deep relaxation and help you cope with grief and loss. In a peaceful and safe space, you will be guided through progressive relaxation from feet to head. This calming period is followed by a gentle journey through your feelings of grief and loss to promote healing and understanding. The second half of the session focuses on increasing your confidence and encouraging positive changes in your life. The post-hypnotic instructions are designed to consolidate the insights gained in the session and provide you with a lasting source of serenity, acceptance and hope.



Welcome to our hypnosis script shop, where we present you a sensitive and transformative collection of scripts for processing grief and loss. Our carefully crafted hypnosis scripts provide a supportive and therapeutic way to address the complex emotions of grief.

Our processing grief and loss hypnosis scripts are designed to provide a gentle way to deal with the pain and promote the healing process. Each script is designed to create a calming and safe environment that allows you to focus on your own feelings and process them in a positive way.

Why choose our hypnosis scripts?

  1. Sensitively designed: Each script has been sensitively developed to offer you supportive accompaniment during the grieving process.
  2. Therapeutic approach: Our scripts are based on proven therapeutic methods and techniques aimed at promoting emotional healing.
  3. Customization: Each script can be adapted to your individual needs to ensure a personal and effective hypnosis experience.
  4. SEO optimized: Our store is dedicated to providing you with not only high quality hypnosis scripts, but also a user-friendly experience that can be easily found through search engines. a>

Jean-Maurice Cecilia-Menzel (Autor)

Jean-Maurice Cecilia-Menzel ist Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie und ausgebildeter Hypnotherapeut. Ein 3 jähriges Studium im Gesundheitheits und Sozialwesen, eine 2 jährige Ausblidung in psychotherapeutischer Arbeit und 12 Monate hypnotherapeutischer Ausbildung runden seine Vorbildung ab. Seither übt er das Werk als Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie in eigener Praxis in München aus.

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